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Sea of Galilee: Ramot Resort Hotel
Sea of Galilee: Ramot Resort Hotel

Hotels in Israel:

The following is a selection of hotels in Israel which gives you an idea of some of the alternative accommodations possible during your stay in Israel. The hotels in Israel are located close to historic sites, in exquisite nature or on some of the world’s best beaches. The hotels, in themselves, contribute to your experience in Israel.

You may decide to stay on a kibbutz hotel and get a flavor of the agricultural communities that played a key part in building the modern state of Israel, or you can stay at a luxury hotel where every possible need has been considered and will be attended to. You may wish to combine different types of accommodation.

The examples on this page give a general idea of the possibilities. On our map you can find more alternatives for each area in Israel.

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Ramot Resort Hotel Hotel Ramat Rachel Hagoshrim Kibbutz and Resort Hotel
The Scots Hotel Tiberias Hotel Spa Mizpe Hayamim Rimonim Galei Kinnereth Hotel

Kibbutz Travel Hotels:

Eilon Travel Hotel: The Eilon Travel Hotel is located in Kibbutz Eilon in Western Galilee. It offers rural accommodations, conveniently adjacent to many local attractions.
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Gesher HaZiv Travelers’ Hotel: The Travelers’ Hotel is located at Kibbutz Gesher HaZiv, just 1 kilometer away from the Achziv beach. The hotel,designed like a Greek village, is a real gem of countryside accommodation in the north.
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Malkiya Travelers' Hotel: Malkiya Travelers' Hotel lies at one of the Upper Galilee's most beautiful places.There are 22 studios and 10 apartments, 50sqm each, in the hotel - a total of 32 rooms!
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